budget sampler pack - printable budget planner
budget sampler pack - printable budget planner
budget sampler pack - printable budget planner
Money for the Mamas

The Beginning Budgeter's Sample Budget Pack

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"I hate budgeting! I just can't get it to work for me; I don't know why I'm not getting it!"

Sad to say, I hear it all the time. Let's just hug it out Olaf style (because everyone likes Olaf)!

So you've tried budgeting before and ended up frustrated and annoyed?  Maybe it wasn't a "you" problem. Perhaps it was just the budgeting method you tried?  

An easy way to find the best budget planner for you is to try them all! Seriously, just grab the printable Beginning Budgeter's Sampler Pack, grab your financial numbers, fill out the printable budget planners, and see which form...

  • Makes the most sense to you
  • One that you will be likely to stick to in the long run
  • Isn't too complicated for your lifestyle
  • Keeps your financial goals up in front

The printable planner sampler pack has each of these budget templates in there, so you can try them out! I've made this pack so it would be super easy for you to experiment with budgeting and finally find the right fit. 


Once you've found that perfect budgeting method/plan, this budget sampler pack also includes a 30% off coupon so that you can buy the full printable budget planner of your choice!

I want that budgeting nirvana for you! Because trust me, it's out there! We just need to find it for you!

The budget planner includes:

  • how-to instruction guide for each of the 5 budget forms
  • two pages of potential budget categories
  • a monthly calendar for visual planning
  • a budget form for each of the 5 methods
    • simple budget
    • cash envelope budget
    • zero-based budget 
    • 50/30/20 budget
    • budget by paycheck

Find the planner you like, and then you can come back here and grab the full year-long planner!  (hint: sample pack buyers will get a coupon code for the full planner of their choice!)


    Resources for continued learning on printable budget planners:

    Be sure to check out our other four printable budget planners to find the right fit for you!  Remember, there are lot's of ways to budget successfully, you just need to find your perfect fit!


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