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The Better Budget - the Ultimate Step by Step How to Budget Guide

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Budgeting doesn't have to be hard or boring or fill you with dread. What it absolutely should do (and where so many miss the mark) is fill you with excitement about your future.  

Does your budget do that?

If you answered no, then that may mean that you...

  • Never really know where your money is going. You know you got a paycheck, but it's already all gone, and there are still ten days left until your next payday. Ugh!
  • Are not really sure if you are doing things the "right way." You know you should be saving, but how? And with what money? Where do I put it? Arg, my brain stopped.
  • End of month bill paying takes forever! Where did the money go that was for the electric bill? In fact, where is the electric bill, how much was it again?
  • You wonder if your kiddos are going to have the kind of life you've always dreamed of giving them. Can you make their childhood full of happy memories while still providing long term security?

With the Better Budget, you can...

  • Skyrocket your money confidence!  By knowing your money is going where you want it to go and exactly where it matters most to move your family's goals forward.
  • Be able to afford everything your family needs!  Using the Better Budget method, you can essentially pre-pay for what you need (even before you knew you needed it.)
  • Gain clarity by following a proven plan, where you'll be inline with your saving & spending plans, and you are excited to sit down and check your bank account balance.
  • Spend less time dealing with money and more time doing what matters most.  The Better Budget framework saves you so much time because it's strategic, simple & straight forward. Go relax; you earned it.

What's Included in The Better Budget...

  • 70+ printable pages of...
  • A step by step by step how to budget instruction guide
  • Money mindset activity
  • Financial why exercise
  • Financial goal setting exercise
  • 12 months of monthly budget forms
  • 12 month calendar
  • Quarterly spending recap & planning ahead forms
  • Sinking fund for saving money worksheets & savings tracker
  • Debt payoff planner & tracker
  • Bill tracker
  • Spending tracker
  • Account tracker
  • Monthly progress tracker
  • Net worth worksheet
  • Tips on how to spend your money
  • End of month reconciliation walkthrough
  • Banking set up - the framework
  • Budget categories & expense list
  • Important dates & holiday spending sheet
  • Annual expense planner
  • Cash envelopes

Imagine not flinching when you get your electric bill auto pay notification (it totally cleared your bank, no overdraft fee). In fact, all your bills went through easy peasy, and you still added $50 to your vacation fund and an extra $75 to your new home savings!  (woot woot!)

Seriously, I save money every month with this method! But I know you have questions...

Smart questions about The Better Budget...

  • Do I need to buy any software to do this?
    • No software is needed (other than your phone's calculator). I will suggest that you set up more checking accounts, but you can find fee-free accounts or use the included cash envelopes. However, you will need to have access to a printer (or send it to a print store).

  • Will I have extra money after just one month of using the system?
    • You'll still need to save your money. The system isn't an instant "afford everything" magic pill. It will take saying no to some things so that you can say yes to the important stuff. Discipline is still needed. But your savings will be clearly defined and never get borrowed to pay for other unexpected things. (Yup, I know all about using your vacation money to pay for a new washing machine).

  • How is this different from other budgeting methods?
    • This is more than a budgeting method, but that's half of the puzzle. The other half is how you set up your money to flow, as you need to be strategic with it. You can't just wing it and hope for the best. Most budgeting methods are just a template, which is fine, but it's not enough for most families' needs. The Better Budget is a whole system framework.

I know you're weary of trying one budgeting method after another without seeing your bank balance grow, and you're still just as stressed as before. It's frustrating, and it's disheartening.  

But let me tell you, I've been using this budgeting method for years, and my family has never wanted for anything (without crazy high salaries). We've even taken three trips to Disney World (each paid for before we stepped one foot on that plane). We are just careful what we spend (but we're not frugalists), and we have a system that works seamlessly. And that system is what I want to share with you.  

So if that sounds good to you, let's get going!


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