sinking fund worksheet
Sinking Fund Worksheet (printable)
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Sinking Fund Worksheet (printable)

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I can't even begin to tell you (okay I can) how much I love sinking funds! Using these accounts has been key to how I save money every single month! Honestly, I can afford everything we need just by planning for unknown purchases before they happen! It's not magic, it's a system for saving money that works!

Use your sinking fund printable to keep track of all your savings so you know how much you have for each savings category. A few different types of sinking funds could be vacation, car repairs, house repairs, kiddo fund, Christmas, etc. (I have each of these) But you can save for anything!

Every month I set aside a specific amount to go into my sinking funds, say $40 into kiddo fund, and each month it grows. Then, come Back to School time and she needs new clothes I already have the money for it saved up! 

Another example is car repairs; you already know you're going to need an oil change every so often, or new tires. (Sometimes we even put this stuff off because we don't want to spend our money on this) But it's so easy to do it when the money is set aside and waiting for this exact purpose!

Go ahead and start planning your sinking fund categories, and then buy these easy sinking fund tracker (this one) because everything is laid out in an easy to use format! Every month you'll see yourself getting closer to your

  • trip to Spain
  • new paddleboard
  • a kitchen remodel
  • a reliable car

If you want the full saving money with sinking funds experience be sure to check out - The Sinking Funds Simplified Workbook.


Whatever "it" is, you can buy it, you just need to start planning and saving for it now!

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