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Expense Tracker (printable)
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Expense Tracker (printable)

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Keeping track of your money can be hard!  There's cash, credit cards, debit, checks (just kidding, no one uses them anymore!), PayPal, Venmo, and on and on and ON!




When you're budgeting, it's even more important to be sure that you know where your money is going, AND where it went!  Use the printable Expense Tracker to help you keep track of what you're spending, so you know when you need to slow down your spending.  


The tracker is broken up into category columns, so you just write the amount in the grocery column, or in the gas column, or whatever categories you decide on!


If you're trying to organize your finances be sure to check out the basic monthly budget template.


Where can I print it if I don't have a printer?


This is an instant digital download; no physical item will be shipped.  This means there's no waiting and you can get started on it right now!