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Sinking Funds Simplified Workbook (printable)

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There's nothing worse than realizing you've overspent your monthly budget... by a lot! Dangit!

Maybe you forgot to save money for your brother's birthday? Or you forgot that you need to get your gutters cleaned every two years.

Take an afternoon and schedule some time for financial planning, sinking fund style! You'll figure out everything that you'll need to spend money on this coming year, then you'll plan for it, and then you'll save for it! So when you need to spend it, the money is already there, just waiting for you!

The Sinking Funds Simplified Workbook will take you through the process of reviewing your old purchases and planning those annual expenses into your coming months' budget. PS - don't forget to plan for some relaxation too (aka vacation!)

As you then plot out your purchases over the coming year you can see when your cash flow might be a little tight, and shift saving money in the months where it looks a little easier.

For example, if you see that you have a ton of purchases to make in September (four out of my five family members have birthdays in September, that's a lot of birthday presents)! Then you can start saving for that earlier in the year, a little each month! This ensures that you're not drop-dead broke in September from all the gifts you bought!

The sinking fund formula is total $ needed / months until you need the money = amount to save each month into your sinking fund.


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