Christmas Budget Mini Planner (printable)
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Christmas Budget Mini Planner (printable)

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Now "budgeting" for the holidays doesn't sound all that fun. But really, all you are doing is looking at a dollar figure (last year's to be exact) and saying, "Yes, I'm comfortable with that." Or, "Hell no! I am not spending that much!" 

This mini-budget will take you through last year's spending, then translate it into an amount you want to spend this year, and then allocate that money into your spending categories. Things like holiday meals, gifts, fun events, activities, charitable giving, etc.

With the info that you've laid out on these pages, you can actually enjoy the holidays and not worry about how you're going to pay for it all! You actually can enjoy going on The Polar Express, because you've already planned for this in your budget. Most importantly, you get to avoid the dreaded holiday debt hangover that comes with the January credit card bill!

Don't forget that these worksheets are a small part of the whole Ultimate Guide to a Stress Free & Debt Free Christmas Budget! This is a full in-depth guide to saving money for Christmas, planning your Christmas budget, holiday to-do lists, and prep & planning pages, as well as festive cash envelopes to make sure you never overspend! So if you're looking for a full guide, be sure to check it out here!


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