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Savings Tracker - Christmas Weekly Checkoff (printable)

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Sometimes all you need is a little visual motivation to keep you focused on your goals! If saving money for Christmas is on your radar, then these savings tracker printables are for you!  

These are super easy checkmark trackers, and you get to decide how much to save! I've figured out all the numbers for 18 weeks (That's the time between Christmas in July, July 25th, and Black Friday). As you'll need your holiday spending money by then to cash in on great BF deals!

Decide on the amount you want to save: $500, or $750, or $1,000. Or you can pick your own amount to save and use the blank one!  

Even if you start a bit later than Christmas in July, these trackers will still keep you on the right path. Seriously, one of my highlights every week is checking off that "saved" box :) I told you that I'm a money nerd!


Don't forget that these worksheets are a small part of the whole Ultimate Guide to a Stress Free & Debt Free Christmas Budget! This is a full in-depth guide to saving money for Christmas, planning your Christmas budget, holiday to-do lists, and prep & planning pages, as well as festive cash envelopes to make sure you never overspend! So if you're looking for a full guide, be sure to check it out here!

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