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Christmas Gift List (printable)

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 Buying gifts for all your friends & family during the holidays can be overwhelming and can easily get out of control! There has to be an easier way than using 72 sticky notes! Luckily there is, a gift tracker!

There are two formats here, pick whatever suits you!

The first is a Rule of Four gift tracker, its where you decide to give four gifts per person. Something they need, something they want, something to wear, and something to read! I love the simplicity of this and the fact that you won't be giving your kiddos 100% toys & candy! As I go on in life, I am always looking for ways to simplify and to reinforce good parenting messages. My kids don't need a 12lb chocolate Santa nor a giant crate full of doll accessories!

The other gift tracker is more traditional; this is great if you have a lot of people you are buying for! Because you don't want to forget anyone, especially Great Aunt Mary! So decide who you are giving to, think of a budget per person, and then get to shopping! Because you've already saved the money with these fun savings trackers!

No matter which format you choose, this will help keep everything organized, as you have a spot to check off when you've bought it, wrapped it, and given it (or put it under the tree)!

Sweet & simple, and that's exactly what I want my holidays to be!


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