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Money for the Mamas

Money Saving Challenges (printable)

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I love a good challenge, especially where I compete against myself! It's "fun" to push yourself, to see if you can actually do something, be it a super hard workout or saving $5,000 in a year.  We're going all-in with money saving challenges and savings charts!

Yup, saving money is hard (or we'd all be millionaires by now). So grab your printable money-saving challenge and get to saving!

This document has 13 Challenges (has a time limit) and 2 Savings Charts (no time limit), for a total of 44 pages!  So you are sure to find something for you, and maybe one of the smaller challenges would be great for your teen!

What's Included:

  • Money Challenge Ideas to Save a TON!
  • How to do a No Spend Challenge Guide
  • Money Challenge Tips & Tricks
  • 52 Week BLANK Challenge
  • 52 week $5,000 Challenge
  • 52 Week $10,000 Challenge
  • $1 a Day to $500 Challenge
  • $1 a Day to $500 Reverse Challenge
  • 365 Day Penny Challenge
  • Bi-Weekly Challenge
  • Save $1,000 a Month Challenge
  • Save $5,000 a Year Challenge
  • $1 to $100 Savings Chart
  • $5 to $500 Savings Chart
  • Cancel It! Challenge
  • Savings Jar Tracker
  • Holiday Helper Challenge (ends Black Friday)
  • Holiday Helper Half Challenge (starts July 25th)
  • No Spend Month Challenge (6 pages)

Learn all the tips on completing your own money saving challenge:


  • 20+ Money Saving Challenges to Supercharge Your Bank Account
  • How to Use Savings Charts to Stuff Your Savings Account
  • Want to Save A LOT of Money? Do a No Spend Challenge!
  • A Real World No Spend Month Success Story!


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