Money Affirmations Savings Envelopes (printable)
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Money Affirmations Savings Envelopes (printable)

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Your money mindset is your most powerful financial tool HANDS DOWN!  I know many people dismiss this concept, thinking it's silly or not real.


They are wrong.


You are tapping into your mindset all day long, so doesn't it make sense that you should be as encouraging and as supportive to yourself as possible?  Using money affirmations can be a great tool in your toolbox to help you shift your money mindset from scarcity to that of abundance.


Here are six money-saving envelopes to help you save towards your goals AND improve your money mindset.  Use these envelopes as sinking funds - vacation, some hobby supplies, etc.


If you want to dive deeper into money affirmations be sure to check out the full Money Affirmations Workbook.



Where can I print it if I don't have a printer?


This is an instant digital download; no physical item will be shipped.  This means there's no waiting and you can get started on it right now!