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Money for the Mamas

Money Saving Challenges (printable)

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I love a good challenge, especially where I compete against myself! It's "fun" to push yourself, to see if you can actually do something, be it a super hard workout or saving $5,000 in a year.  We're going all-in with money saving challenges and savings charts!

Yup, saving money is hard (or we'd all be millionaires by now). So grab your printable money-saving challenge and get to saving!

This document has 14 Challenges (has a time limit) and 2 Savings Charts (no time limit), for a total of 46 pages!  So you are sure to find something for you, and maybe one of the smaller challenges would be great for your teen!

What's Included:

  • Money Challenge Ideas to Save a TON!
  • How to do a No Spend Challenge Guide
  • Money Challenge Tips & Tricks
  • 52 Week BLANK Challenge
  • 52 Week $1 Money Challenge
  • 52 Week $1 Reverse Money Challenge
  • 52 week $5,000 Challenge
  • 52 Week $10,000 Challenge
  • $1 a Day to $500 Challenge
  • $1 a Day to $500 Reverse Challenge
  • 365 Day Penny Challenge
  • Bi-Weekly Challenge
  • Save $1,000 a Month Challenge
  • Save $5,000 a Year Challenge
  • $1 to $100 Savings Chart
  • $5 to $500 Savings Chart
  • Cancel It! Challenge
  • Savings Jar Tracker
  • Holiday Helper Challenge (ends Black Friday)
  • Holiday Helper Half Challenge (starts July 25th)
  • No Spend Month Challenge (6 pages)

Learn all the tips on completing your own money saving challenge:


  • 20+ Money Saving Challenges to Supercharge Your Bank Account
  • How to Use Savings Charts to Stuff Your Savings Account
  • Want to Save A LOT of Money? Do a No Spend Challenge!
  • A Real World No Spend Month Success Story!


    If saving money is one of your top financial goals then be sure to check out the Big Money Goal Workbook, which helps you identify, plan and execute reaching those big money goals! 

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