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Online Sales Tracker (printable)

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 If you're looking to make some money by cleaning all the clutter out of your house (yeah for minimalism!) and sell your collections online, then you need to get organized!

This printable online sales tracker will help you keep track of all the important info that comes with selling items online.

You don't want packaging costs and fees to eat up all your profit, so it's important to consider all the small costs that come with selling online. This printable tracker includes...

  • listing date
  • listed where
  • description
  • listing price
  • sold price
  • shipped?
  • shipping cost
  • listing fee
  • online payment fee
  • net profit


If you're looking to make some extra cash be sure to check out the garage sale planner.


Where can I print it if I don't have a printer?


This is an instant digital download; no physical item will be shipped.  This means there's no waiting and you can get started on it right now!